Good ideas


As a teacher of modern languages, drama, deputy head responsible for teaching and learning,  with a keen interest in sharing good practice by visiting other schools, a passion for sharing knowledge of Black history amongst other things, I thought I would share here any good ideas I come across useful for me and anyone else. Of course, feel free to send your good ideas to me too:


Good idea no. 1 – Pinterest

Love, love, love this. I have now used this as an electronic pinboard for all my ideas. What I like is the simplicity with which one can collect images, text whatever and pin them up electronically. You can collect and create collections of similar ideas in one place. Great for teaching of course, but what also about collecting ideas for an event being planned, or a wedding or a house make-over! If you haven’t used it yet, go ahead, don’t be techy-shy, just play around, it’s intuitive.


Good idea no. 2 – Glogster

Now this one really is for teaching… although I have recently used it as another type of electronic mind-map for an event collecting video resources and typing texts in. There are two versions, the free version and the school-paid- version. I use the free version which serves me just fine and with it, you can share the link with anyone so they can check out their glogs! I’ve used this with students to find out ‘anything Spanishy’  as an intro to the Spanish-speaking world and it is interesting what they find and are so keen to come back into school and share! The more able will run a mile with this and never mind looking for curiosity and creativity… it all comes flowing out of them. The use of video clips makes it intriguing and learner friendly, especially with this generation of audio-visual learners.


Good idea no. 3 Irise education for Black History

Looking for resources? Check out  this area for resources from this website run by two ‘practising’ teachers so they understand what it’s like finding good quality resources:

Here is an example of a resource:


Good idea no.4 ‘How do I know?’ Evidence gathering

This comes directly from the experience of gathering evidence. So you are a leader in your school. You work your xxx off in the hope that it will make a difference and then you are asked that all important question, ‘How do you know?’ or even simpler ‘So what?’. The answer is IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT.

Create a file, think about how you will physically show evidence and how you need to gather that evidence. Use dividers to show what each evidence is linked to and ‘voila‘. You have your strategic answers to that ‘How do you know?’ question at any point with examples.

Of course you need to be most shrewed in ensuring you gather the evidence but that is all part of your role.


Good idea no.5 ‘a list of wishes fulfilled for my school’

As an ongoing visualisation exercise, write my list of wishes fulfilled in order to store them for the time when they need to be recalled, in this case, when I am head teacher of my own school…

  • every staff member offers an extra curricular activity
  • To be continued…


Good idea no. 6 … coming soon…


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