After much deliberation, I have decided upon creating a separate blog where I can record my musings and reflections. As I embark on the NPQH, I feel a constant urge to log my journey towards Headship. I remember being in my second or third year of teaching, 20 years ago and many friends and colleagues would comment about ‘seeing me’ as a head teacher one day. I just used to shrug it off and nod and smile and say ‘okay’.

It seems perhaps it was not just words thrown out into the air, but words in action. I find myself many years on moving towards being in the role of a head teacher – as they refer to you on NPQH as the ‘trainee head teacher!. Gradually, my ideas about education and the importance of us as leaders of it, have become aligned with my beliefs and values and the ‘narrowing the gap’ agenda  which resonates personally with me as I feel that, being a child who would have ticked all the boxes of the pupil premium proforma, I now have the acumen to say that educational excellence, high achievement and ample opportunity shouldbe in the reach of every child, irrespective of background.

So, as I read – and there is plenty of that! –  and seek inspiration from other educational leaders, practitioners and experts, I will log my journey here.

At the time of starting this blog, I am also embarking upon a new role as a deputy head teacher in an inner-city comprehensive secondary school. Many lessons to be learnt on the way I am sure…

If you happen to come across my blog, either via a search or through someone else’s it would give me great pleasure to read your thoughts in response to mine.


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