Being humbly confident. Leadership Christmas Leadership thought no.2


“As a man thinketh, so is he”. Let us look into the mind of a leader today. Thoughts of mission, action and goals. Inevitably, the drive to achieve and succeed, can take its toll on the emotional and interpersonal skills leaders possess. During a conversation with my equivalent from another school which shall remain nameless, I was informed about the bizarre and unforgivable behaviours displayed by the head in meetings. My colleague took pleasure in sharing with me the delights of having to hear condescending comments, experience the tremble from hands banged on tables and observe the shock and dismay at instant decision-making which had to face a 360 degree turn as no- one supported it.

I listened quietly and offered my thoughts, not about this particular individual but more about my concern for the staff and the leadership team.

Would anyone stand up to this? Could anyone stand up to this? Or, would this just be expected to continue and be endured?

I did wonder whether as a leader of people, would this head reflect and learn, or were they immune to the human response, and would plough forward, on their mission, through their bulldozer-type,actions towards their goals.

Of course many are not like this head, this is just one bad example f what headship  can look like and my colleague and I agreed that there are so many different models of headship that are out there, some help you decide what model you WILL NOT be.

With so many things on the mind, it’s easy to let your humanity slip now and again- but I suppose that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with others who ‘keep it real’, watch your back, tell it like it is and bring you back to Earth, quickly!

Being ‘humbly confident’ in my view, means being able to show a strength and confidence, make decisions that are wise and timely, definitely avoiding rudeness, ‘bullyish’ and arrogant behaviour.

If you read this and recognise yourself, watch out… it’ll only be a matter of time as you  end up having to eat a big portion of humble pie… served with jokes… on your head.


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