Spare a thought…

It’s the Christmas holidays… for some of us and even if you have not broken up yet, like me, you soon will. As the DSL, I was pleased to see how we averted the dreaded ‘Friday before holiday’ CP crisis, with our foresight, communication and working alongside our connections and agencies. It takes a team and we have a great one.

Some students will be looking forward… with trepidation and anxiety to this time of year.

The Christmas holidays provide us with a ‘pause’ button just when the momentum of tasks and projects in the school year are in full swing. The headline exam groups have given us a real insight by now, of their potential, new initiatives are in full swing, the weeks have been many, the days are darker and shorter and getting up each morning feels gradually like a daily break up with your bed. For some, the tiredness has crept in, relationships may be fractious, this is where as senior leaders our skills of mediation and team- building, or even re-building, are put to the test. But, we all know the ‘pause’ button is coming, the Christmas holiday is ‘nigh’ and there will be moments to rest, refresh, laugh and enjoy, alone and most likely with family and friends.

So whilst you pack in the mince pies, drink your mulled wine and sing Christmas carols with your Christmas jumpers or PJs, in a cosy home,  spare a thought for those students of yours, not so fortunate to have the homes that any child would desire. And, if you have a faith, maybe say a prayer for them so that this Christmas they too can find some joy.



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