Friday Reflections

In the run up to Christmas, I’m feeling rather reflective. Nothing calls you back to earth and an evaluation of work/ life balance more, than hearing of the life cut short, as was the case when I arrived on the School site this morning after a 1 hour and 40 minute journey that normally takes 20… as a result of the traffic from the accident that took the said man’s life.

So some thoughts from my interactions during the rest of the day..

Treat people as you want to be treated – yes we all know it but many forget it.

Carpe Diem, seize the day – especially when you’ve had knock backs, clashes and challenges, keep going, do everything and anything with joy and an expectation of success.

Know yourself, believe in yourself and be your authentic self – anything else is a fake and we all like original cuts not knock offs!

Karma can work very quickly.

Be kind.

Smile often.

Truly rejoice in other people’s success.

Do something on a Friday… to rid yourself of any restricting work-filled thoughts – like dancing to your favourite tracks and singing loudly, I just did and it felt good.

If you don’t get the support you seek from the place you are in… support the place you are in and create the support you need outside the place you are in … then bring it in. You are in charge of your development, growth and success.

Use bad models of leadership to refine and define the kind of leader that you will NOT be.

Lead with integrity and sincerity.

Remember your life is worth living and work is only a part of your life, not all of it. Teaching in particular, needs to remain part of and not all of, your life. Carve out time to be you. No one in their eulogy has written “made exceptional differentiated worksheets”, or “had analyses of data that would make any School proud”, even if it did take you several nights to come up with these things each time.

If you have a family, laugh with them, love them and hug them often.

Know your worth, in and outside of work.


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