Find a little happiness

I’ve just found a little happiness. It’s back!  I just finished watching the Apprentice with my family- coaxing child 1 and 2 to sit together and watch- and found that it worked like a mega stress reliever. On a weekend spent catching up with the never ending ‘to-do list: report documents, assessment calendars,  emails and, and, and… it reminded me that probably several other senior leaders are working hard, at home and trying to accomplish completion of said ‘to-do’ list tasks.

Speaking to a friend who said that I seem to have the work/life balance right, I corrected her saying that I didn’t have it right at all but had decided that the balance was not a 50-50 split and accepted that. That right there makes the difference. Coupled with taking time out to find a little happiness between tasks is crucial in maintaining our resilience and mental well-being and serves to refuel our emotional and psychological tanks so we can carry on.

Some days of the working week,  I manage to find a little happiness do this by escaping the office and popping into the lessons of the best teachers and the bright-eyed, knowledge-thirsty students, or to take away the consuming monotony of the computer screen and the office.

So as I return to do a few last minute things on the laptop, I just want to encourage all hardworking teachers, senior leaders and  heads to try to find a little happiness in your day, everyday.


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