Teacher – live life on purpose

I’ll be honest, I’ve sneaked a peek at my emails during this summer holiday. Okay some of you might be horrified to see that I’ve done this or even disagree with the fact that this should even be a possibility during the ‘sacred’ 6-weeks. A very good friend of mine doesn’t  have work emails on her mobile phone, good for her. Hopefully one day I will bring myself to remove mine but actually it’s aids my productivity and so I’m okay with that. That is until it becomes something that I keep automatically doing. So I took the time out to put that right and put a status on my WhatsApp to let others know that I would only be doing things that would distract me from looking at my mobile phone. 

The purpose of this would be to also allowed me to spend more time doing things that do not require the use on my mobile phone, or anything digital for that matter. I’ve even instigated a screen-free day with my own children so I intend to try to model that, after writing this of course. So today is going to be a day that I focus on living my life on purpose and what do I mean? Well, I suppose it means having a plan and allowing it to be delivered as it can be without putting the pressure or stress on it been done and enjoying every part of the plan of the day to fix bits that may start with me just remunerating in my bed till 1030 in the morning, I love this and deciding I’m getting up and spending the day with my family. With two days to go till the A-level results day and having in my mind that I need to be in school the next day I’m going to live my life on purpose today, starting with getting stuck into something I never have time to do, painting our out house as I write, my son is badgering me right now to do it.  

Hopefully I’ll carry on living on purpose for the remaining weeks of this wonderful summer holiday enjoy your day everyone. So like me, I hope all teachers living life on purpose during this time. Let’s enjoy the time you consider ‘wasting’ or simply enjoying, who knows what treasures the day will bring.


One thought on “Teacher – live life on purpose

  1. I am glad you won’t see this until at least tomorrow. Thats what its all about.
    Live life. Use the job for what you need. Not the other way around.


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