I wish my teacher knew…

How can you get your students to talk candidly to you but without infringing on their personal space and individual character? Well thanks to @ASTsupportAAli #Amjad Ali’s inspirational session with our staff all around the prickly issue of differentiation – making the impossible possible, the one strategy I was keen to try out was the one where the students write candidly about what they wish their teacher knew.

IMG_3091 IMG_3088 IMG_3087

…and my favourite one…


What do you make of this? If you have never tried it, I definitely recommend it. It comes with a caution though, know your students! Get behind the letters and numbers in your data file, markbooks etc and really get to know your students. You will be amazed where this takes you on your journey of teaching… and your own learning. Ensure you have the relationship with them you are able to take any comments they raise. They may not all be favourable. I know it may seem a bit self-righteous but if I come across one which is not so I promise to share it and let you know how I deal with this.

For now, why not select a class you will try this with and see what responses you get.


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