Keep calm and be awesome!

While the SLT meeting was in full swing, I realised that every member of the team that I line manage appeared to be under some sort of attack from members. Perhaps ‘attack’ is too strong a term to use but there was no denying that the level of challenge was much higher than had been experienced before.

Being a newish SLT, not yet engaged in team building activities, I feel, has meant that the team have quickly moved from what Tuckman coined the ‘Forming, storming, norming and performing’ model of team development and transition towards becoming high performing.

I also quite like the idea that the team moves form ‘performing’ to ‘adjourning’ when the team then spends time reflecting and planning and also recognises the contributions from all members!

Something very much needed as I watched and winced (a little) at some of the backlash from members of the team about the exposition of our school to others perhaps, or the need for a curriculum that would allow our students to both have breadth and balance but ensuring our ‘Russell Group’ cohort can still achieve, as well as securing the Ebacc for all those who we believe have a good chance at obtaining it and meeting the government’s accountability measure of progress and attainment 8!.  Or should I say ‘attainment LATE!’ given the delay in deciding upon it’s actual calculation and just to add more confusion and anxiety into the melée, we need to consider that this very year group will be judged using the new 9 – 1 GCSE scale and the new year 7 and current year 8 will have assessments without levels.

It made me wonder if we were at the ‘storming’ phase or on the cusp between this and the ‘norming’ phase. No matter how uncomfortable it may feel, it would lead to decisions being made and movement in a direction – let’s hope it is the right one.

Being a leader of others, being conscientious, you think about how you are leading; is it effective? do they have enough direction? if so, why is the idea they are presenting being met with so much challenge or resistance? How can I support them satisfactorily, empower them better and enable them also to exercise their impact and influence effectively? My emotions were up and down during the meeting where one after another each colleague would present their section of the SLT meeting. Not sure how it is done in your schools but I’m sure they would combine some form of discussion, task or activity with summary and decision making – usually a list of actions ‘to do’ for the individual who has presented their section of the school improvement plan. Throughout the meeting, this is when the leadership powers kick in, powers of being calm, measured, attentive and composed.

What a surprise it was then, when after reflecting on the meeting, how, as the SLT line manager you have stepped in to support without dominating your colleague’s presentation section, to be told that you have been ‘superb’ in leading, managing, supporting, reassuring and re-instilling confidence in members of the team. Awesome feedback, did I just say ‘awesome’? Yes I did! Because I intend to be the world’s most awesome headteacher… with some way to go of course till then. Someone once said to me ” you know when you are ready for headship when you look at how something is done and you think about how you would do it differently… or dare I say it… better.”

I think in terms of NPQH I can say I demonstrated analytical thinking and developing others.


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