Succeeding in headship – first reflection – thinkpiece 1

principalI often visualised myself as a Head and then sort of turned my vision away knowing that I am not there yet. Embarking on this programme I suddenly feel as though those visions were there for a reason. I think that being in a leadership role now I have sometimes felt a little of the dichotomy between being the person that my links can talk or relate to and then at times having to be different. I think that as Head you still need to be front facing but not too much as you have to have a much wider perspective and oversight. I definitely think that it is a good idea to have someone not in your line of work, as well as someone who is; someone who can keep you grounded and give you a reality check but can also be challenging enough when needed to question your thoughts. For me one person is my husband but I would also appreciate having another Head to confide in, preferably someone who has done the NPQH at the same time as myself or just before. I would like to think that where I have insecurities or areas I am not confident in that by the time I am a Head, I would be acutely aware of this so much so and able to draw on the my personnel and resources as required with poise and grace.


One thing remains true… I love teaching. The shift from being a class teacher to Head of Department showed me first just how much I do and then again when moving on to SLT but I also enjoy the legacy of this and being able to draw on this in a leadership role to help others.


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